About Clínica San Telmo

About Clínica San Telmo

Our Clinic is dedicated to the dental industry since 1996. We perform all specialties with efficiency and commitment, making sure to obtain remarkable results and great confidence from our patients.

The clinic is always focusing on the highest technology for diagnosis and dental treatment, applying the policy of a clinic that bases its principles on the full care of the patient. We are specialists in the new invasive technique of implantology without flap, without pain.

«Every person is unique as so is every tooth»

The facilities of Clinica Dental San Telmo are modern and they count with great equipments and the best technology. Because we care of your health and the time you spend with us, we work hard in order to satisfy your needs and make you feel comfortable in our clinic. Your words matter and we are always open to listen to your concerns so as to recommend you the treatment that would adapt better to you and give you a personalised diagnose.

Every person is unique as so is every tooth. Acting with transparency and honesty is our philosophy and your health, your time, your budget and your satisfaction matter to us.

We want you to be happy, we want you to smile