Oral surgery and implants

Dental implants help us with great reliability in the replacement of missing teeth. They are the ideal substitutes for natural teeth improving in most cases the results of the conventional fixed prosthesis. Implants are anchored to the bone, providing a stable base for supporting dental prosthese. In the case of the absence of one or more teeth, we always consider implant placement as a possibility.

Dental implant

It is a simple and painless treatment that helps to recover a beautiful, functional and healthy mouth.

Post-extraction inmediate implants

Technique in which the implants are placed immediately after the removal of the damaged tooth. This technique uses the gap left by the newly extracted tooth to place the implant. This reduces waiting time, medication and the number of interventions required.

Bone regeneration

The damaged tooth is removed if necessary and the remaining bone is regenerated. From anesthesia to removal of the piece, the whole process is painless. Once the affected tooth is removed, the tissues of the area are reconditioned to ensure the viability for future treatments. Our surgeons use the latest biomaterials and techniques, thus avoiding in most cases a major surgery for bone regeneration”.

Maxillary sinus lift

The maxillary sinus lift is performed in patients with low maxillary bone volume, which is necessary to achieve sufficient surface area on which the implant can rest and stability.


When teeth are missing in the mouth the oral function is seriously affected, and also the aesthetics. The correct thing is to replace any tooth that is lost as soon as possible.

Replacement of missing teeth with dental implants

Our Clinic always develops the different prosthetic treatments with the priority objective of satisfying the patient and improving their function and aesthetics.

Overdenture on four dental implants

Conservative odontology

The focus of this field of dentistry is towards the conservation of teeth in the mouth trying to avoid extraction. When the tooth has been attacked by a decay, the damaged tissue must be cleaned and an aesthetic filling must be made. When the depth of the lesion is unfavorable with respect to the nerve, our exclusive specialist performs endodontics. Later, the piece will be reconstructed and in many cases restored by a porcelain crown.

Dental endodontic procedure

Dental aesthetics

Tooth whitening

Laser teeth whitening in one or two sessions. The results are long-lasting and have no side effects. Teeth whitening is a safe process when supervised by a professional.

Dental veneers

Veneers are thin layers of porcelain or composite that are placed over the front face of the teeth. They significantly improve aesthetics by modifying the shape, position and color of teeth even in difficult cases.

Aesthetic crowns and tooth bridge

A crown is an individual restoration of a tooth. Thanks to this type of prosthesis, it is possible to protect a damaged or broken tooth. As in any other kinf of  prosthesis, teeth are made by hand, customizing the shape, the colour and the anatomical needs of the patient’s mouth.

Can also be used to replace one or more teeth (tooth bridge)

Tooth bridge


Orthodontics restores health and beauty smiles

In case teeth are not in an adequate position may cause tooth loss, periodontal disease, erosion of the edges or occlusal faces, pain in the jaw joint, fractures, digestive disorders, etc. Orthodontics corrects crowded, dental malposition or bite problems and, above all, restores not only health but also the beauty of the smile.

Self-ligating brackets

Invisible orthodontics

Invisible orthodontic system

Alineadent is Clínica San Telmo invisible orthodontic system. It consists of sequential transparent splints that will allow the treatment to go unnoticed and make it comfortable. As they are removable, they do not interfere with any daily activities.